The Paragon

A high-power motor controller designed for makers

Built for the Arduino, this controller has the flexibility to power a range of devices all the way from an led array to a small electric car

// Features

  • Arduino Shield

    Built for the Arduino Uno, with easy to modify code written in the Arduino IDE.

  • Open Source

    Source code and hardware reference designs will be available soon.

  • High Power

    Delivering 400A continuous at 36V, this four quadrant DC brushed motor controller will leave your competition in the dust

  • High Efficiency

    Synchronous rectification, fast 20kHz PWM, and an innovative thermal design allow the Paragon to be passively cooled.

  • Affordable

    Kits will soon be available at a fraction of the cost of comparable commercial controllers

  • Race Proven

    The two-time Power Racing Series champion Fauxrarri is Paragon powered

// Makers

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    Alex McLees An engineer and a maker, Alex is a founding member of Madison hackerspace Sector 67. As a supporter of the maker movement Alex saw a need for a low-cost, configurable high-power motor controller.

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